SEPTEMBER 11 - 12 - 13, 2014


Our classes spread out through each year in places around the world. From our homebase of Utah to Hawaii and as far as the United Kingdom. Our classes are celebrated at the end of the year with our biggest educational and awards ceremony called, "ULTIMATE AIR AFFAIR" or "UAA".




“Ultimate Air Affair” (UAA) is a West Valley, Utah program designed to introduce and educate students about the arts, especially the art of airbrush and its development across the globe and constant rise to success in the vast world of art. For over a decade our programs stretch far beyond our competitors. Beyond the airbrush culture, our educational programs include clean environment safety, business in the field, respect for one’s self and your business, and sensibility in the field. Once one of the most underrated tools in the art business, the airbrush now stands in a light of its own when in the hands of artists involved in movie makeup, movie art, wax museums, illustration, fine art, faux technique, and more. Inside the automotive industry, an average car can become an elegant machine boasting of utter artistry. Our system has changed lives for the better and we are proud of what we have accomplished.


Instructor: Javier Soto

Welcome to the art and training of the airbrush world: Whether you have never used an airbrush before or need to jump start your skills . . . start with the basics. Learn the tools of the trade, how to get started in business, and how to become one of the many success stories. Assemble and reassemble your airbrush. Understand how it and other partnering tools work. Get tips and tricks that would take you years to learn. Create your first airbrushed piece. Taught by Javier Soto. (1 and 3-day classes available) $200.00 / $535.00

  • Students learn how the airbrush works
  • How to take the airbrush apart and reassemble it
  • The importance of a compressor and how it works
  • The meaning of PSI and understanding the air gauge
  • The color wheel
  • Light source
  • The difference between Translucents and Opaques
  • Color Harmony
  • How to create art with the airbrush
  • And much more...

PRO (PROFESSIONAL 1) Ground Metal and Custom Painting FX Workshop

Instructors: Dennis Mathewson / Ed Hubbs

Ground metal and custom painting FX Workshop: Learn the history of industrial and fine art finishes, techniques, and how they are used in the world today. Understand proper set up of equipment, the metal carving tools needed, and all health & safety precautions when working with raw metals, chemicals, and paints. Learn cleaning and preparation of the metal surfaces before and after grinding. Apply solid or fading colors and abstract color splashes. Get the inside scoop on the secrets and tricks of this fine trade from start to final clear coat. Take control of the fine art of metal! (3-day class taught by Dennis Mathewson and Ed Hubbs) $535.00

  • Students will learn the history of industrial and fine art finishes and techniques and how they are used in the world today
  • Proper set up of equipment and metal carving tools needed
  • Health & Safety- Safety precautions be aware of when working with raw metals, chemicals and paints
  • Proper cleaning and preparation of the metal surface before and after grinding
  • How to use different spinning and carving abrasive wheels to create many different effects from random or abstract patterns to artistic images
  • How to apply solid or fading colors, abstract color splashes or artwork
  • Secrets and tricks of the trade
  • Composition and design layout of your artwork
  • How to mask, cut stencils or freehand artwork to the custom colored metal background
  • Custom paint and airbrush mural techniques - Including mixing colors for airbrushing
  • Adding detailed brushwork to your art
  • Final clear coating your artwork
  • And much more...

PRO (PROFESSIONAL 2) Kandies, Flakes, Flops, and Pearls HELMET Painting FX Workshop

Instructors: Cam Miller / Darren Wenzel

Kandies, Flakes, Flops, Metallics, and Pearls / Helmet FX Workshop: Learn how to paint a helmet from start to finish. Walk through the important stages of disassembly, cleaning, masking, sanding, and then experience the art of painting with today’s hot Candies, Flakes, Flops, Metallics, and Pearls. Learn creative ways of masking, how to make bold colorful graphics, score big with great color statements, and experience final clear-coating in a professional spray booth. (3-day class taught by Cam Miller and Darren Wenzel) $535.00

  • Students will learn to totally disassemble a helmet
  • The importance of prepping and cleaning
  • The propper way to use the different masking tapes and papers available
  • Sanding / color-sanding / wet and dry sanding
  • Painting both graphics and simple to technicle design
  • Understanding the new clear coats available and what is the best to use in each application
  • All within the best FX colors available today - from old school Flakes to new school Flops
  • And much more...

PRO (PROFESSIONAL 3) Urban Meets Sci-fi Fantasy Workshop

Instructors: Alan Pastrana / Gearboxxx

Urban / Graffiti meets Sci-Fi / Fantasy FX Workshop: Dive into the world of Sci-fi/Fantasy coupled with the Urban feel to get an edge on art of the future. Learn how to conceptualize ideas and create mock ups through the use of computer renderings. Understand the planning of your layout and composition. Learn the ways of transferring images onto your subject. See how understanding light and shadow, dynamic lighting, direction of light source, mixing your hues, and color theory can put you ahead of the pack. You will gain the knowledge of masking techniques, use of freehand templates, highlighting by subtraction of tone with erasers, and an array of texture effects. (3-day class taught by Alan Pastrana and Gearboxxx) $535.00

  • Students will learn how to conceptualize ideas and create mock ups through the use computer renderings, planning your layout and composition, drawing out concepts, manipulation through Photoshop, preplanning of color selections and pallets
  • Learn different ways of transferring images onto a canvas or metal panel
  • Students will be trained in the use of light and shadow, dynamic lighting, direction of light source, how to mix your hues, and color theory
  • Along with freehand techniques, studentss will gain the knowledge of masking techniques, use of freehand templates, highlighting by subtraction of tone with an eraser, and various texture effects
  • And much more...

PRO (PROFESSIONAL 4) The New Age Of Waterborne Workshop

Instructor: Paul Stoll

The new age of Waterborne / Flames, Graphics, and Wood Grain FX Workshop: What’s hot today? What’s even hotter tomorrow? Waterborne! Learn how to custom paint with the latest technology. Understand new developments and procedures with equipment set up, paint guns, airbrushes, and drying. Learn the new tapes and masking products and which work best. Get hands-on help with the latest techniques for flames, graphics, candies, pearls, and other custom FX with PPG Envirobase. Paul Stoll, the Master of Waterborne, will teach the ever popular “fast way” to create Wood Grain with PPG Envirobase. (3-day class) $535.00

  • Learn how to custom paint with the latest technology in Water Base Paint
  • Saftey when using PPG products
  • Proper preparation to get started
  • Equipment set up for Water based paint, Paint Gun’s, Airbrushes and air blowers for drying
  • Learn which tapes and masking products work best
  • Learn masking techniques for Flames and graphics
  • How to use Candies, pearls and other custom colors in PPG Envirobase
  • Blending, Fading, Marbleizing, and many other special effects that are unique with PPG Envirobase
  • Paint mask and templates will be part of the class
  • Airbrushing effects such as drop shadows, and chrome will be part of the class
  • The ever popular Fast way to create Wood Grain with PPG Envirobase will also be taught
  • Clear coating to level paint edges and final Coats of clear will be covered
  • Students will create a predetermined graphic and Flame design on a 34” x 24” style panel
  • And much more...
  • Wood grain will be on a 18” x 12” flat panel
  • Your instructor, Paul Stoll, is always open to trying new things so bring your imagination and we will create some cool panels together.


Instructor: Shannon

This is a pre qualifying class introducing you to the art of hyper and photo realism. Using PPG Envirobase waterborne color, learn to create detailed textures, fine hairlines, glossed eyes, radiant skin tones, and more. Incorporate traditional paint removal with the electric eraser and the exacto knife while partnering the airbrush with colored pencils and paint brush. Learn loose and hard masking. Create a full detailed piece. Take your talents to new levels of achievement and unlock the true and raw artist in you. (3-day class taught by Shannon) $535.00

  • Students learn intricate design
  • Electric Eraser, Exacto Knife, Color Pencil, and Paintbrush technique partnered with airbrushing
  • Intricate masking
  • Understanding fleshtones
  • Old school development from "The Old Masters"
  • Intricate Light Source
  • How Translucents and Opaques work together
  • Intricate Color Harmony
  • How to create a highly detailed composistion on masonite, canvas, or illustration board
  • And much more...



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